Open Championship
Official Site of Winners86
# of Times Held148# of Host Courses14
Facts & FiguresMultiple Winners
Host Courses and Winners
2024Royal Troon Golf Club, Old CourseScotland
2023Royal Liverpool Golf ClubEngland
2022St. Andrews Links, Old CourseScotland
2021Royal St. George's Golf ClubEngland
2019Royal Portrush Golf Club727344Northern IrelandShane LowryIreland
2018Carnoustie Golf Links, Championship Course717402ScotlandFrancesco MolinariItaly
2017Royal Birkdale Golf Club707156EnglandJordan SpiethUnited States
2016Royal Troon Golf Club, Old Course717190ScotlandHenrik StensonSweden
2015St. Andrews Links, Old Course727297ScotlandZach JohnsonUnited States*
2014Royal Liverpool Golf Club727312EnglandRory McIlroyNorthern Ireland
2013Muirfield Golf Links717192ScotlandPhil MickelsonUnited States
2012Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Club707068EnglandErnie ElsSouth Africa
2011Royal St. George's Golf Club707211EnglandDarren ClarkeNorthern Ireland
2010St. Andrews Links, Old Course727305ScotlandLouis OosthuizenSouth Africa
2009The Westin Turnberry Resort, Ailsa Course707024ScotlandStewart CinkUnited States*
2008Royal Birkdale Golf Club707173EnglandPadraig HarringtonIreland
2007Carnoustie Golf Links, Championship Course717412ScotlandPadraig HarringtonIreland*
2006Royal Liverpool Golf Club727258EnglandTiger WoodsUnited States
2005St. Andrews Links, Old Course727279ScotlandTiger WoodsUnited States
2004Royal Troon Golf Club, Old Course717175ScotlandTodd HamiltonUnited States*
2003Royal St. George's Golf Club717106EnglandBen CurtisUnited States
2002Muirfield Golf Links717034ScotlandErnie ElsSouth Africa*
2001Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Club716905EnglandDavid DuvalUnited States
2000St. Andrews Links, Old Course727115ScotlandTiger WoodsUnited States
1999Carnoustie Golf Links, Championship Course717361ScotlandPaul LawrieScotland*
1998Royal Birkdale Golf Club707018EnglandMark O'MearaUnited States
1997Royal Troon Golf Club, Old Course717079ScotlandJustin LeonardUnited States
1996Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Club716892EnglandTom LehmanUnited States
1995St. Andrews Links, Old Course726933ScotlandJohn DalyUnited States*
1994The Westin Turnberry Resort, Ailsa Course706957ScotlandNick PriceZimbabwe
1993Royal St. George's Golf Club706860EnglandGreg NormanAustralia
1992Muirfield Golf Links716970ScotlandNick FaldoEngland
1991Royal Birkdale Golf Club706940EnglandIan Baker-FinchAustralia
1990St. Andrews Links, Old Course726933ScotlandNick FaldoEngland
1989Royal Troon Golf Club, Old Course727067ScotlandMark CalcavecchiaUnited States*
1988Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Club716857EnglandSeve BallesterosSpain
1987Muirfield Golf Links716963ScotlandNick FaldoEngland
1986The Westin Turnberry Resort, Ailsa Course706957ScotlandGreg NormanAustralia
1985Royal St. George's Golf Club706857EnglandSandy LyleScotland
1984St. Andrews Links, Old Course726933ScotlandSeve BallesterosSpain
1983Royal Birkdale Golf Club716968EnglandTom WatsonUnited States
1982Royal Troon Golf Club, Old Course727067ScotlandTom WatsonUnited States
1981Royal St. George's Golf Club706829EnglandBill RogersUnited States
1980Muirfield Golf Links716926ScotlandTom WatsonUnited States
1979Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Club716822EnglandSeve BallesterosSpain
1978St. Andrews Links, Old Course726933ScotlandJack NicklausUnited States
1977The Westin Turnberry Resort, Ailsa Course706875ScotlandTom WatsonUnited States
1976Royal Birkdale Golf Club727001EnglandJohnny MillerUnited States
1975Carnoustie Golf Links, Championship Course727065ScotlandTom WatsonUnited States*
1974Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Club716822EnglandGary PlayerSouth Africa
1973Royal Troon Golf Club, Old Course727064ScotlandTom WeiskopfUnited States
1972Muirfield Golf Links716892ScotlandLee TrevinoUnited States
1971Royal Birkdale Golf Club737080EnglandLee TrevinoUnited States
1970St. Andrews Links, Old Course726951ScotlandJack NicklausUnited States*
1969Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Club716848EnglandTony JacklinEngland
1968Carnoustie Golf Links, Championship Course727252ScotlandGary PlayerSouth Africa
1967Royal Liverpool Golf Club726955EnglandRoberto DeVicenzoArgentina
1966Muirfield Golf Links716887ScotlandJack NicklausUnited States
1965Royal Birkdale Golf Club727037EnglandPeter ThomsonAustralia
1964St. Andrews Links, Old Course726926ScotlandTony LemaUnited States
1963Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Club716836EnglandBob CharlesNew Zealand*
1962Royal Troon Golf Club, Old Course727045ScotlandArnold PalmerUnited States
1961Royal Birkdale Golf Club736844EnglandArnold PalmerUnited States
1960St. Andrews Links, Old Course726936ScotlandKel NagleAustralia
1959Muirfield Golf Links716806ScotlandGary PlayerSouth Africa
1958Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Club716635EnglandPeter ThomsonAustralia*
1957St. Andrews Links, Old Course726936ScotlandBobby LockeSouth Africa
1956Royal Liverpool Golf Club726960EnglandPeter ThomsonAustralia
1955St. Andrews Links, Old Course6526ScotlandPeter ThomsonAustralia
1954Royal Birkdale Golf Club6867EnglandPeter ThomsonAustralia
1953Carnoustie Golf Links, Championship Course7103ScotlandBen HoganUnited States
1952Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Club6657EnglandBobby LockeSouth Africa
1951Royal Portrush Golf Club6802Northern IrelandMax FaulknerEngland
1950Royal Troon Golf Club, Old Course6583ScotlandBobby LockeSouth Africa
1949Royal St. George's Golf Club6728EnglandBobby LockeSouth Africa*
1948Muirfield Golf Links6806ScotlandHenry CottonEngland
1947Royal Liverpool Golf ClubEnglandFred DalyNorthern Ireland
1946St. Andrews Links, Old CourseScotlandSam SneadUnited States
1939St. Andrews Links, Old CourseScotlandRichard BurtonEngland
1938Royal St. George's Golf ClubEnglandReg WhitcombeEngland
1937Carnoustie Golf Links, Championship CourseScotlandHenry CottonEngland
1936Royal Liverpool Golf ClubEnglandAlf PadghamEngland
1935Muirfield Golf LinksScotlandAlf PerryEngland
1934Royal St. George's Golf ClubEnglandHenry CottonEngland
1933St. Andrews Links, Old CourseScotlandDenny ShuteUnited States*
1932Prince's Golf ClubEnglandGene SarazenUnited States
1931Carnoustie Golf Links, Championship CourseScotlandTommy ArmourUnited States
1930Royal Liverpool Golf ClubEnglandBobby JonesUnited States
1929Muirfield Golf LinksScotlandWalter HagenUnited States
1928Royal St. George's Golf ClubEnglandWalter HagenUnited States
1927St. Andrews Links, Old CourseScotlandBobby JonesUnited States
1926Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf ClubEnglandBobby JonesUnited States
1925Prestwick Golf ClubScotlandJim BarnesUnited States
1924Royal Liverpool Golf ClubEnglandWalter HagenUnited States
1923Royal Troon Golf Club, Old CourseScotlandArthur HaversEngland
1922Royal St. George's Golf ClubEnglandWalter HagenUnited States
1921St. Andrews Links, Old CourseScotlandJock HutchisonUnited States*
1920Royal Cinque Ports Golf ClubEnglandGeorge DuncanScotland
1914Prestwick Golf ClubScotlandHarry VardonEngland
1913Royal Liverpool Golf ClubEnglandJohn Henry TaylorEngland
1912Muirfield Golf LinksScotlandEdward RayEngland
1911Royal St. George's Golf ClubEnglandHarry VardonEngland*
1910St. Andrews Links, Old CourseScotlandJames BraidScotland
1909Royal Cinque Ports Golf ClubEnglandJohn Henry TaylorEngland
1908Prestwick Golf ClubScotlandJames BraidScotland
1907Royal Liverpool Golf ClubEnglandArnaud MassyFrance
1906Muirfield Golf LinksScotlandJames BraidScotland
1905St. Andrews Links, Old CourseScotlandJames BraidScotland
1904Royal St. George's Golf ClubEnglandJack WhiteScotland
1903Prestwick Golf ClubScotlandHarry VardonEngland
1902Royal Liverpool Golf ClubEnglandAlexander HerdScotland
1901Muirfield Golf LinksScotlandJames BraidScotland
1900St. Andrews Links, Old CourseScotlandJohn Henry TaylorEngland
1899Royal St. George's Golf ClubEnglandHarry VardonEngland
1898Prestwick Golf ClubScotlandHarry VardonEngland
1897Royal Liverpool Golf ClubEnglandHarold HiltonEngland
1896Muirfield Golf LinksScotlandHarry VardonEngland*
1895St. Andrews Links, Old CourseScotlandJohn Henry TaylorEngland
1894Royal St. George's Golf ClubEnglandJohn Henry TaylorEngland
1893Prestwick Golf ClubScotlandWilliam AuchterlonieScotland
1892Muirfield Golf LinksScotlandHarold HiltonEngland
1891St. Andrews Links, Old CourseScotlandHugh KirkaldyScotland
1890Prestwick Golf ClubScotlandJohn Ball JrEngland
1889Musselburgh LinksScotlandWillie Park JrScotland*
1888St. Andrews Links, Old CourseScotlandJack BurnsScotland
1887Prestwick Golf ClubScotlandWillie Park JrScotland
1886Musselburgh LinksScotlandDavid BrownScotland
1885St. Andrews Links, Old CourseScotlandBob MartinScotland
1884Prestwick Golf ClubScotlandJack SimpsonScotland
1883Musselburgh LinksScotlandWillie FernieScotland*
1882St. Andrews Links, Old CourseScotlandBob FergusonScotland
1881Prestwick Golf ClubScotlandBob FergusonScotland
1880Musselburgh LinksScotlandBob FergusonScotland
1879St. Andrews Links, Old CourseScotlandJamie AndersonScotland
1878Prestwick Golf ClubScotlandJamie AndersonScotland
1877Musselburgh LinksScotlandJamie AndersonScotland
1876St. Andrews Links, Old CourseScotlandBob MartinScotland
1875Prestwick Golf ClubScotlandWillie Park SrScotland
1874Musselburgh LinksScotlandMungo ParkScotland
1873St. Andrews Links, Old CourseScotlandTom KiddScotland
1872Prestwick Golf ClubScotlandTom Morris JrScotland
1870Prestwick Golf ClubScotlandTom Morris JrScotland
1869Prestwick Golf ClubScotlandTom Morris JrScotland
1868Prestwick Golf ClubScotlandTom Morris JrScotland
1867Prestwick Golf ClubScotlandTom Morris SrScotland
1866Prestwick Golf ClubScotlandWillie Park SrScotland
1865Prestwick Golf ClubScotlandAndrew StrathScotland
1864Prestwick Golf ClubScotlandTom Morris SrScotland
1863Prestwick Golf ClubScotlandWillie Park SrScotland
1862Prestwick Golf ClubScotlandTom Morris SrScotland
1861Prestwick Golf ClubScotlandTom Morris SrScotland
1860Prestwick Golf ClubScotlandWillie Park SrScotland